Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prosperity @ a Glance (Pt3)

MEDITATION (On The Word Of God) Joshua 1:8

To prosper means to be successful in all spheres (ramifications) of life. It means to flourish and thrive in anything one does. The same is what God wants for you and I as a believer.

Meditation is critical to Prosperity. In order to achieve great and lasting success, meditation is one of the KEYS. Meditation causes your flourishing, seasonal fruitfulness, unending and unlimited prosperity, why? Because great things are not found on the surface but in the deep and until you dig deep through the tool of meditation, you will never reach the Treasure-Base.

Meditation is like shaking together the content in a container. When you shake a container that has substance in it, what you get is a Smooth Mixture. You cannot achieve your best nor get to the peak in your endeavour until you engage in Meditation. Meditation brings together all that you’ve learnt, heard, known, seen and taught to form a Blend for Creativity.

What Happens When You Meditate
  1. Psalm 1:2-3. Meditation launches/initiates your productivity through unrestricted prosperity.
  2. Luke 21:14-15. You become a man of Wisdom which cannot be held in a corner by any adversary.
  3. 1Timothy 4:15. It causes your Profiting. (The reason why some businesses and lives are not growing is because they’ve engaged the ministry of meditation. It is an act that must be embraced and engaged in order to dig out the hidden riches that is within).
  4. Psalm 119:99. Meditation brings Understanding and makes you Outstanding in all your endeavours.
When Do You Meditate

a. After Reading the Word of God (Psalm 1:2; Psalm 119:15). It connects you to the supernatural depth of knowledge, guides you and also become your model/pattern for living.

b. After Praying. It enables you hear from God, the answer to what you discussed with Him.

c. Before Praising (Psalm 104:34). When you can meditate, you will know what to praise Him for and how; and when you present to Him qualitative praise, you get in return His Presence which carries power and that power becomes your power to achieve success in every good thing you lay your hands on.

d. Before any activity in the morning, after every other activity at night, at midnight (Psalm 139:17; Psalm63:6; Psalm 119:148).

e. Meditate on Testimonies (yours and others) {Psalm 77:11-12}.

f. Always (Psalm 119:97; Joshua 1:8)

  • Show me a man who meditates (both on the Word of God and on other Life Lessons) and I will show you a man that cannot be held down by ANY circumstance of life.

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