Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Acts 6:3; Psalm 91:4-6

Kingdom Commitment is the assignment you take on as your own Personal Responsibility in the Vineyard (House of God). In our previous lesson, we learnt that, ‘It is how much you are committed to your assignment that will determine how much that will be committed into your hand/care’; which literally means that, your commitment level at whatever thing you do will determine your SUCCESS level. Bringing this principle into the body of Christ; Commitment means ‘you taking an assignment in the Vineyard as an obligation/your responsibility’.

Kingdom Commitment helps you walk through the hurdles of life with ease. Why? Because as you are attending to the needs in the house of God (not only financially, but also, Physically – {your manpower is highly needed}; that is, your presence, skill and time), God is also attending to the need pertaining to your life Matthew 6:33.

Isaiah 65:14
Kingdom Commitment is likened to you, not seeing and getting worried about what you are going/passing through, but you are so much concerned and consumed about what must not be wrong in the house of God and the REWARD is: Your unsaid prayers will always automatically attract answers.

Hear This - God will never be committed to anything you do at its OPTIMAL until you are committed to His things. Matthew 6:33 – He will never seek you to bless you with all that you need until you first SEEK Him through doing His things.

A Call To Service
  • Bring the whole of Yourself, your Heart and all your Ideas into the things of God and God will bring/carry the whole of Himself, Power, Infinite Wisdom and His Presence into everything you do.
  • Your destiny cannot be totally fulfilled until you have fulfilled your part in God’s kingdom.
  • Until you show your Creator your love through your Worship and Commitment to His thing, He will never show you the blessing-side of Himself. Proverbs 23:26 says, “My son, give me thine heart” which means, ‘my son, LOVE me’. You cannot LOVE without GIVING as you cannot Give Him your Heart without giving Him your HAND, first. So, giving Him your hand will be a proof of your love TO Him.

Until you see the need for your Presence, Time and Skill in the House of God, God will never see any reason to answer to your need and be with you in times of trouble. Matthew 6:33.

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