Saturday, July 3, 2010


Anchor Scripture: Jeremiah 6:16, Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 16:25, Joshua1:8

Success in life has different meaning to different folks / individuals. There are the right success and the wrong success; the good and the bad, the positive success/achievement and the negative.

To succeed in life, there are ways/routes and things one needs to search out, discover, embrace, follow and engage.

The good ways are the lessons from both your success/life journey and other people.

What you learn from Lessons are, ‘how it worked’, ‘what worked’ and ‘what could be done – Creativity’.

What you learn from experiences are, ‘how not to do a thing’ and ‘how it went/worked’.

Lessons cannot be acquired without research. Lessons can never be obtained without submission – to learn. Lessons cannot be acquired without Conscious and Thorough study both in the Word of God, study in the field of your expertise and study about the dynamics of what / which project you want to execute Joshua 1:8.

In order to acquire lessons, there must be a Disciplined Meditation both on the Word of God and about the project you’re working on.

Thoughts On This Formula
  • When you meditate, what you meditate over enlarges and becomes broaden to you. When you meditate, what you meditate on gets engraved on the tablet of your heart acting as an instruction/guide, causing you to remain focus, bold and clear about your vision/project.
  • Meditation gives birth to Medications. Meditation provokes Results. Regular Meditation causes you to be Creative and Innovative in whatever you do.
  •  Each time you Meditate, you birth the Solution to the problem/challenges at hand/at sight/view.

 Action Line
  • Have a Lesson Book; where you write your lesson about life, both your personal lessons and the ones from people around.
  • Meditate regularly both on the Word of God and about your business/vision/project/proposals.
  • Get to work immediately you get a medication (the ‘how to do it’) before you engage on the ‘Analysis that Leads to the Paralysis’ of the vision/projects.



Anchor Scripture: Jeremiah 6:16, …. Ask for the old paths”
The Old Paths --- The Experiences

People have passed through a lot of things and anything you want to do or journey you want to go through, their experiences will help you avoid some mistakes, help you do things in certain ways which will give you speed in whatever you do.

Experiences will show you ‘how to do’ and ‘how not to do’.
The experience contains the history about what you want to achieve. Among their experiences are all the/their personal experiences, testimonies, lessons and their achievement details.

Warning / Note: Don’t be shy, too cocky or too reclusive not to go out and learn about the experience.
The experience teaches you about the past and the history of your field, vision and your project.

Yes, your vision/project/assignment is one of its kind, you still need it. Yes, someone might steal it, if they steal it, they can’t run with that vision, why? You are a peculiar being with a unique vision. Your vision is for you and because it is not their vision, the resources to run that vision will not gravitate towards that stolen vision.

Philippians 4:9
Your needs will be supplied based on your Demand, including the enquiries, direction and experience you request for.

The Need For Mentors/Mentoring
Mentors are men who take you on tour. That field/vision/plan/project/marriage of yours is the tour (journey) and you need someone who had gone through it to lead you through the way/road.

Mentor: meaning Men & Tour.

MEN: They are called Men (both male and female) because of their Bank Of Experiences.

TOUR: This is the journey/road/way you want them To Lead You Through.

Types Of Mentors
Direct Mentors: They are the ones you can relate with Directly and Interact with One-On-One.
Passive Mentors: The ones you learn from through their Books, Materials, Conferences and Meetings.

Get a Mentor. Mentors are Helpers of Destiny. Mentors Teach and Guide you both by instruction and experience.




Anchor Scripture: Jeremiah 6:16

Ask – to Ask means to Demand, Request, Call for, Apply for……
Until you learn to ask question about what you don’t know or what has been a puzzle to you, life in its entirety remains a burden.
In whatever thing you are doing, or what feat you want to achieve in life, there are some questions you will need to ask; demands you will need to make and request you will need to place in order to get there.

In any or everything you do / you are doing, there is a question you will need to ask that will give you / enable you the access into the next level.

Ask questions, make enquiries from God for direction, ask people for help. Ask how far from those who have achieved tangible result in what / where you want to be.

Ask for the History of the way (vision) you are going through / working on.

Matthew 7:7
When people hear this, they think they could ask for anything and it would come. It literally means, ask for what to do to achieve the thing; how to put some things in place in order to prepare for their delivery.

Ask Men – God instructed you and I to ask in Jeremiah 6:16
Ask life what it holds for you. Life has got some things to offer you but until you place your demand, you will never possess them.

Your asking could also be in form of Action. When you Act on some of the Opportunities and Direction that you get both from God and man, you are asking for your own share in it and you will definitely get yours/it in Jesus’ Name.

Thought On This Formula
“You Will Never Make History Until You Mind History”