Saturday, July 3, 2010


Anchor Scripture: Jeremiah 6:16, Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 16:25, Joshua1:8

Success in life has different meaning to different folks / individuals. There are the right success and the wrong success; the good and the bad, the positive success/achievement and the negative.

To succeed in life, there are ways/routes and things one needs to search out, discover, embrace, follow and engage.

The good ways are the lessons from both your success/life journey and other people.

What you learn from Lessons are, ‘how it worked’, ‘what worked’ and ‘what could be done – Creativity’.

What you learn from experiences are, ‘how not to do a thing’ and ‘how it went/worked’.

Lessons cannot be acquired without research. Lessons can never be obtained without submission – to learn. Lessons cannot be acquired without Conscious and Thorough study both in the Word of God, study in the field of your expertise and study about the dynamics of what / which project you want to execute Joshua 1:8.

In order to acquire lessons, there must be a Disciplined Meditation both on the Word of God and about the project you’re working on.

Thoughts On This Formula
  • When you meditate, what you meditate over enlarges and becomes broaden to you. When you meditate, what you meditate on gets engraved on the tablet of your heart acting as an instruction/guide, causing you to remain focus, bold and clear about your vision/project.
  • Meditation gives birth to Medications. Meditation provokes Results. Regular Meditation causes you to be Creative and Innovative in whatever you do.
  •  Each time you Meditate, you birth the Solution to the problem/challenges at hand/at sight/view.

 Action Line
  • Have a Lesson Book; where you write your lesson about life, both your personal lessons and the ones from people around.
  • Meditate regularly both on the Word of God and about your business/vision/project/proposals.
  • Get to work immediately you get a medication (the ‘how to do it’) before you engage on the ‘Analysis that Leads to the Paralysis’ of the vision/projects.

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