Wednesday, August 4, 2010


By Joseph Akinola

(1 Timothy 5:8b; Matthew 6:33)
And according to the Law of Sowing and Reaping which states that, ‘For every giving that you make, there is a receiving’. Also, ‘For every service you render, there is also a commensurate Reward’.

The word, ‘Reward’ in English terminology is ‘Something Given In Return’ (I mean, desirable; given in return for what somebody has done), it is a kind of benefit received / obtained as a result of an action taken or a job done.

Coming back to the Kingdom terminology – For every Service you see the need and render in the House of God, God also sees the need for Decorating your life. Your service in the Vineyard brings the attention of heaven into your affair, makes the heaven intrude into your life affair/issues, because you have first committed yourself to the things of God and your Commitment has now committed God to do and go beyond your demands in prayer for you.

Note That, the day you register to volunteer in service in the vineyard, heaven opens an account for you where the reward of your service is deposited and also, you get/receive a Direct line to which you can communicate with the Almighty.

Amongst The Reward of Service are:

1. Eternal Life 1Timothy 6:19b

Your service per time in the vineyard is likened to an/the amount or deposit you make to secure for yourself a Life Insurance. You can never get for yourself a True Life, and Enviable End and a Colourful Future without service, mostly in the vineyard.

{Try go and trace history from ages, even in the secular, the people and personalities we still hear their names today to be great men and women are all a product of service. They gave themselves wholly and voluntarily; some after much persuasion; for Service and today, both the ones dead and alive, their names still live on even in the minds of the generations they left behind.}

Advice: Do you want to live on even after you are dead, or after you are no more in your Environment, Community, Organization/Company, Ministry/Church; then find something to do to SERVE Others and those you Served Well, Inspired and Treated Positively will find/Have Something To Remember You For.

2. A Blessed Livelihood /Life Exodus 23:25

{Here, God was talking to you & I that due to our service, He will bless our bread; this literally mean that, He will make you realize bountiful results regardless what you earn, that is, He would operate the Law of Multiplication on your Bread (earnings).}

Your service qualifies you for bread. Your service to God invokes / brings Multiplication to every result and earnings you make; He also preserves your life thus making you to live a sickness-free life.

Friend, do you want to shed weight? (I mean the weight of sickness, poverty, lack, confusion, emotional and psychological), then, please, find a way to serve. Because, a lot of things happen during service such as sickness that should take away your money and your life; anxiety that should take away your joy and happiness etc, are all being taken care of during service.

3. Service Brings Deliverance. Psalm 91:14a

You cannot be delivered from some oppressions of the Devil/wicked until you find a way to deliver your own potentials in the house of God. How? God takes care of the Cleaning and Management of your life when you Take Care and Manage His house with your Potentials.

4. Divine Lifting. Psalm 91:14b. Until you find a reason to serve in the vineyard of God, He will never find/see any reason to lift you beyond your Present status in every area of your life. High place is the heritage of the sons of God, but the son of God who will possess those high places/positions will first prove to God that ‘God, I qualify oooo’ before God delivers the high place into his hands. How? By/through your Ceaseless, Diligent, and Committed Service. Why? It is how well you serve that will determine how great you will be promoted and how well you will lead. Your service to God is a proof of your believe in His word that says, God is a rewarder of those that serve Him. Hebrews 11:6. Your diligence (persistent effort) at seeking God through your service makes Him to also be diligent/persistent at blessing and lifting you from your present status to a higher one.

5. God’s Honour and Public Recognition Psalm 91:15. Your service is a form of calling/bringing the attention of heaven/God to yourself. You want God to Notice you, recognize and honour (award) you, then lay your hand on something in His vineyard and He will certainly do so to you.

6. Your Service Earns You The Presence Of God All The Time. Psalm 91:15

His presence in your life will give you an ‘All Time Protection’ service where no trouble or affliction will be permitted to visit you.

7. Total Redemption. Psalm 91:16.

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