Wednesday, August 4, 2010


By Joseph Akinola

Acts 6:3

1. Be Respectful: 1Timothy 6:1.

Respect is a must virtue if you want to succeed as a believer or an attendant in the vineyard. Each and every individual must first respect himself then also respect the other person; through this, the respect you give out will return to you and we shall all have a mutual agreement based on the Subject or Project we are taking on. Note that when there is no respect of each other, there can never be any agreement, and when there’s no agreement, the job will never be done accurately.

2. Be Teachable and willing to teach others. 2 Timothy 2:2.

To be teachable means to possess the ability to learn anything at anytime from anyone for any reason. Until you are teachable, you will not be qualified to serve. Because servants are learners – they are individuals willing and ready to learn all needed to be learnt in order to carry out any available assignment.

To be willing to teach others – This translates that, what you have learnt wasn’t for you to work on and work with alone, but it is also meant for you to teach others. Let others equally get a grip of that same knowledge that you have acquired to carry out that task. Note that operating the principles of teaching others give you (the teacher/trainer) more opportunities to learn new things and more privileges to step up (move on to a higher level in hierarchy). But lots of people neglect this principle. The reason why most people neglect this principle is that, they have no ability to see into their future, they are myopic; short-sighted and cannot see beyond their present state.

You don’t want to teach others because you have a feeling that he/she would be like you but the truth is, until your trainee/student be like you, you cannot be a better person, you cannot possess the qualities to qualify for your own next level. Until you have trained someone, you cannot be promoted. Teaching others is a sign of maturity, it shows that the seed of greatness is in you and until you can let go of a thing/knowledge/status/position, that thing is greater than you.

3. Be Faith-Filled. Acts 6:5 & 8

He/she must be full of faith. Faith is a way of life but it (faith) is traceable to the state (condition) of the mind. Your faith will be built on the quantity of the Word of God you have within you. Faith will always respond to the things/material your feed on. I mean the Word of God you consume in any form.

Your Faith can enable you to move the most unexpected mountain both spiritual, financial, material, etc. (Bible verse). You are called into the Ministry of Help as an Attendant in order to assist in carrying the hand of the ministry just as Aaron did and you need faith to follow Actively and Effectively in order not to make the kind of mistake Aaron made in making idol for the people.

How To Develop Your Faith?

a. Through the Word of God – (Acts 19:20). Read it always and make sure you understand it. Study the Word of God daily, by doing this, you are developing your inner spiritual prowess (ability), programming your mind to function in the realm of the Supernatural and this enables you function at the peak level spiritually; causing you to command the unusual to become usual and the natural to respond to the supernatural.

Until you saturate your mind with the Word of God, you can never grow in faith, and until the Word of God grows in you, you can never grow anything around you that refuse to grow.

b. Messages / Tapes (Resource materials) Romans 10:17. You are what you hear/listen to. You life goes in the direction of what you listen to. What you listen to programs your mind and it has a way of working either positively or negatively on your belief system which eventually becomes your faith.

c. Among the Lord’s Brethren. Hebrews 10:25. This indicates that you must not neglect the company of saints.

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