Wednesday, August 4, 2010


By Joseph Akinola


The Holy Spirit is our Connector to the Spiritual world. He is meant to enable you influence lives and affect your world positively.

There are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit – 1Corinthians 12:1-12. The gift of the Spirit is for the Release of Power in order for you to be a blessing to your world. These gifts are for the blessing of mankind.

These gifts are categorized into 3.

Category 1: Reveal Something; Category 2: Do Something; Category 3: Say Something

Category One (1) gifts are called the Revelation Gifts. These gifts Reveal Things. (Daniel 1:17)

a. The Word of Wisdom – This gift gives the Revelation about the future. Joseph is an example. It deals with God’s mindset. Deals more with the future. Knowing by revelation the mind, plan of God concerning a person and situation.

b. The Word of Knowledge – This gift gives that revelation that concerns things in the present or past. It can reveal to you fraudulent people around you. Knowing facts about the future or the present.

c. Discerning of Spirits – Knowing by revelation whether the spirit in revelation is divine and demonic. Note – Discernment of spirit is not fault - finding nor mind-reading.

Category Two (2) gifts are called the Power Gifts Luke 10:19a.

These gifts are the gifts that do things, they perform things. That is where the raw energy of God flows from the source. It is divine electricity.

d. Gift of Faith – This is the Supernatural working power of the Holy Spirit when there is a particular situation, a particular scripture comes alive in you Isaiah 49:24-25. The Gift of Faith is not the saving faith. This is not the general faith for Christians. A good example is Daniel. This gift makes you passive – you don’t really do anything, do you? You don’t prepare for war, you prepare for the day of war. How prepared are you when you are faced with challenge.

e. Working of Miracles – Operating this gift, you will actually do something. Example – walking on water. Holy Spirit helps us to carry out acts contrary to the natural laws. Example – Divided Rea Sea – Carry out acts beyond human capacity. Example: multiplication, water to wine. The Holy Ghost will give you an instruction to take a particular step.

f. Gift of Healing – This is where the Holy Spirit enables us to administer healing. This gift helps you as a carrier of the Holy Spirit to destroy the works of the devil in the human body. You don’t administer the gift of healing to / for yourself, it actually works on others.

Tip: Anytime you are in need of anything, look for a Worship song that talks about that thing to God. There is a song that ministers it. Sing of God’s swiftness. Note that: Music is the key / entrance to the spirit world either negative or positive.

Tip: To enjoy a stronger relationship with the Holy Spirit, listen to music. Learn to always sing to Him / God.

Category Three (3)Gift of Utterance – These are the gifts that Say It.

g. Prophecy – This gift is meant for edification and comfort. Prophecy communicates a message from God to People. With this gift, you simply hear from God and say what you hear. This is supernatural utterance in a known tongue.


h. Diverse Kinds of Tongues.

i. Interpretation of Tongues.

Final Word: Communicate with the Holy Spirit; where there is no communication, there cannot be Manifestation. When you don’t communicate to Him, He will not Communicate Instructions to you.

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