Tuesday, August 31, 2010


By Joseph Akinola

John 1:1-5; John 15.

The Word of God is Promise of God, the Word of God is what God can do; what He will do and also what He is doing. The Word of God is God. The Word of God has in it the Creating Ability to cause / boost your creative prowess John 14:1-3. Anything you give to the Word, you have given to God. Giving everything to the Word means, ‘to submit totally everything about you to God Almighty’.

Why Give To The Word

1. The Word of God is Settled in Heaven Psalm 119:89. Anything you give / commit to the Word becomes a settled matter, because the Word is settled in a settled place (heaven).

2. The Word of God is Established Job 22:28. Until you embrace the Word of God, it (the Word) will not be Established in your life (it is the Word of God you embrace that is be established (proved) in your life, and that same Word will now establish you (set you up, authenticate and confirm you).

Bible says in Job 22v28 that, ‘you shall decree a thing and it shall be established’. The Word of God in your life/heart is the Word of God in your mouth. The Word of God in your mouth is what will be Established/Confirmed. So what are you saying about your life? Psalm 87:5.

3. The Word of God is Yea and Amen. 2nd Corinthians 1:20. Anything the Word of God says is what happens. The Word of God is the Truth and when you embrace the Truth, everything about your life becomes True. Anything the word says is what you will experience.

What To Give To The Word

1. Your Life: John 3:3, John 3:7; 1st Peter 1:23. Another word for this is (the salvation of your soul). The first requirement God demands of you is your life. He gave it to you and He wants you to submit it willingly to Him so that He can direct the affairs of your life. When you willingly hand your life over to God, He will handle your life appropriately. Giving your life to God means, surrendering totally, everything about your life to him. Using the principle of sowing and reaping, without giving, there can never be receiving. The same way, when you don’t give your life, you won’t really get it / have it useful to you nor will you be able to maximize the glory God had ordained of you at your creation.

2. Focus/Attention: Hebrews 12:2, Luke 11:34-36. Where is your focus? To What / Whom have you given or are you giving your attention to? Where you put your focus and attention will greatly determine what kind of focus (influence) you will be to your world and the attention you will command in your world. What are you giving your attention to? Is it the economy, relative, what people are saying or the terrible situation you are passing through? Bible says, no man can receive anything except it is given to him. Before you will be given anything by anyone, your focus/attention is highly needed/required by that person; this shows your thirst and your yearning; and this will also determine how much (in quality and quantity) what would be delivered into your hands. Bible says, that a double minded individual/fellow cannot receive anything from God, so be focus. James 1:6-8.

3. Your Heart: Proverbs 4:20-23. You need to give God your heart. Your heart is seat of decision and the throne of power for your life and destiny. God wants your heart and the devil too wants your heart. When you don’t give it to God, the devil automatically takes charge of it with several evil/wicked thoughts. Giving God your heart demands that you fear the Lord and study His word, meditate daily and ceaselessly on the word. By doing this, (meditating on the Word regularly), you will have the Word you have read and meditated upon gives birth into lots of multi-million Dollar ideas that will engage your heart and lead you into your destiny. That same Word of God you hid/kept in your heart will keep you away from all manners of unrighteousness and sin / wicked things Psalm 119v11. Bible says, ‘guard your heart with all diligence’ my question is, can you really guard your heart yourself – without any stronger person’s influence? No, you need the Word of God (God Personified) to guard your heart and also guide/direct your ways into destiny.

When you give God your heart, He will cause you to live a meaning life. This would be determined by the portion of your heart you give (apportion/allocate) to Him. Further Reading: Proverbs 3:1; 3:3; 4:4; 7:1-3.

4. Your Will: Don’t go to God with an idol in your heart. Your Will should be a reflection of what the Word of God is saying. Any Will outside what the Word is saying is a mere wish and it cannot come to pass/fruition. There is a proverb/adage that says ‘wherever and whenever there is a will, there is a way’ - but what I have discovered is that, until your will is aligned with the Word of God, there can never be a way in it. Any Will outside the Word of God is likened to a fellow coming to God with what he wants God to do for him and not what God can do or has in stock for him.

5. Your Thought. Joshua 1:8. Your thought is a product of your intake (what you feed you mind on), it is the by-product of MEDITATION. When your thought is not given to God through your meditation, you can never receive what the mind of God is for your life. Each time you meditate on God’s Word (both the Logos – written word and Rhema – received word), God deposits in you the content of His mind in your mind. Your meditation exercise is your craving for Him and His stuff. Romans 12:2.

Your life can never be better than your thought life Proverbs. 23:7a says, “as a man Thinketh, so is he”. What are you thinking? The fact is, you cannot really think right without the presence and material of God in you. Don’t forget that your life will always move in the direction of your most dominant thought.

6. Your Plans And Proposals: Proverbs 3:5-6. Present your Plans, Projects and Proposals to God and He will plan your Plans to work out excellently. Submit your Projects to God and He will Project it and you (the project carrier) to your world. Commit your Proposals into God’s hand and He will Announce you to your world and your entire world will Subscribe and Propose to (aim at) your product.

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