Friday, July 2, 2010


Open Your Eyes, Ears And Mind To Opportunities
Anchor Scripture: Jeremiah 6:16
“…. See……..”

What do you see? What can you see? - (Your Seeing Ability is your Possessing Capacity) Jeremiah 1:11-13, Rom. 10:17. It is how you open your eyes that will determine what you see.
What do you See?

Thoughts For The Week
  • How you stand will greatly influence what you see Part 1 (Stand).
  • Where and who you stand with will immeasurably catapult you to where your destination is Part 2 (In The Ways). {Your Association Initiates Your Acceleration}
  • What you See and the Size (how you see it) will beyond measure change your orientation and disposition about life; How You See life and ultimately your attitude towards life. All these will culminate in making you an enviable personality and a point of reference in your area of endeavor.
  • Explore every available opportunity that comes your way with Discernment.
  • Don’t forget that “An open eye with the eagerness to learn what there is to know about develops the mind into achieving success, excellence and peak performance”.

Proverbs 20:13 says, “… Open Thine Eyes, And Thou Shalt Be Satisfied With Bread”.

Your satisfaction comes only from what you see (both the present & the future, the physical and the spiritual), how you see (the distance and angle), when you see (the timing) and how you work on what you see.

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